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Shuffle Launches to Bring New Favorites to Your Playlists of Places

Get Recommendations of the Best Places to Go from the People that Matter to You

COLUMBUS, OH, November 29, 2018 — Shuffle announced today the launch of its platform to create and discover playlists of where to go and what to do. Users can easily explore and share lists of personal recommendations full of favorite places to eat, drink, hangout or shop as well as itineraries for unique, curated experiences — in Columbus or around the world. Starting today, anyone can experience Shuffle for free on the web or through native apps on both iOS and Android.

Shuffle is designed to answer the question “where should we go?” whether you’re a resident, visiting or planning your next adventure. Shuffle makes it simple to create a playlist of favorite places and experiences to share with your social network. You can also find suggestions for places to gather with friends or experiences to explore with a family or significant other. Each playlist is an authentic endorsement from an influencer or friend.

“This isn’t your typical pay-to-play review site or boring metacritic app where you see the average of everyone’s opinion,” says Jacqueline Rinehardt, CEO of Shuffle. “These are genuine selections from people you trust and follow. Real recommendations from real people, not algorithms.”

Shuffle is free to use for exploring and saving playlists from others or adding your favorite places to your own playlists. You’ll be able to favorite the places you try for quick reference and your own sharing. Sponsorships are available to merchants and municipalities that want to showcase their own playlists, but these are always disclosed as sponsored so users know what they are viewing.

Common questions:

  • What makes you different from Yelp?
    Yelp is great if you’re looking for a generic recommendation. If you want authentic recommendations from real people, personalized to you — then we’re your new best friend!
  • What is a playlist?
    A recommendation list or itinerary of where to go and what to do – from a list of boozy brunches to a day exploring German Village.
  • Is this just for Columbus?
    No way! We’re starting local but are hearing from influencers across the nation, and anyone can create playlists whether its cool trips they’ve been on to places they’ve lived.
  • How will Shuffle make money?
    Shuffle curates experiences for brands, municipalities and merchants to engage deeper with their consumers and we are accepting beta testing merchants to test our offerings for free for the first three months. Contact if you’re interested.

About Shuffle:
Shuffle is a new business born out of Taivara Labs, a Columbus-based startup studio. Supported by a team of entrepreneurs and technologists, Shuffle is led by Jacqueline Rinehardt a native to central Ohio. Shuffle is the third company she has launched.

Jacqueline Rinehardt, CEO

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