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Sunday Fun Day in Columbus

Sundays are for the fun. Have the ultimate day turned evening full of fun to avoid the fact that we all have to go back to work on Monday. This is my favorite way to spend the day around Columbus.


My favorite spot in the Short North neighborhood for Brunch. Fun atmosphere and good music. The beer is always cold and the Big Mic Burger is a must try.

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Land Grant Brewing

This is a great post brunch stop on the Sunday Fun Day adventure to digest, have a beer, and enjoy a board game with your friends.

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Short North Pint House

When your done playling games, it’s time to watch some. Head back to Pint House to keep the buzz going and enjoy some sports. They have good boozy pops if you’re feeling frisky.

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Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Sunday Funday is all about the ‘Treat Yo Self’ mentality so don’t be shy, get some bold flavors of ice-cream from a neighborhood favorite to wash down the beer.

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Miner 49'er Black Light Mini Golf

After a day of over indulging, it’s nice to end with a friendly (or not so friendly, up to you) game of mini golf.

Visit their Website | Visit Location

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